Shocking Facts About Kikuyu Women

Kikuyu women have familiar characteristics, some good others as bad as a catastrophe. If you want to marry these women, you should first do background research to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

There are several traits that describe Kikuyu women, the most populous tribe in Kenya. Besides being the most beautiful women in the country, there are other shocking characteristics that are common among = majority of them.

1. She is Ambitious
Kikuyu women are known to be so ambitious and they achieve a lot when they set eyes on something. If you are a man who wants to make a huge step in life marry a Kikuyu lady and you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes when a man is broke, the Kikuyu lady will surprise him with some cash; she knows how to make money as well as how to save.

2. She is beautiful
Kikuyu women are among the most beautiful tribes in East and Central Africa. These are the kind of women who never get old and when she is walking by your side, other men will feel jealous.

It’s rare to find an ugly Kikuyu woman whether you go to the village or in town.

3. She is good in Bed
Contrary to the opinion of the short-sighted and jealous people in Kenya, Kikuyu women are so innovative in bed; they can make a man say ‘thank you’ even when he is not in the mood.

4. She is modern and always informed
Nothing good will pass a Kikuyu woman; she always knows what is happening around the world, whether in business, sports, entertainment or fashion.

When a man talks about investment, his wife (if she is a Kikuyu) will chip in with innovative ideas;these are the kind of women who can make a man be ahead of others.

A Kikuyu lady is always decent and modern and she will never embarrass you in front of your friends.

5. She is intelligent
Everything a man can do a Kikuyu lady can do it better, even if you are broke she will always come up with an idea how to make money.

A Kikuyu lady is full of ideas and she knows where to apply her knowledge to bring out good results.

6. She has ‘gold digger’ tag

A Kikuyu woman can leave you in hours of need. If you become broke, then prepare for a shock.

A Kikuyu woman knows a man as an investment. They don’t tolerate men who have nothing.

7. She is never faithful

Don’t expect a Kikuyu woman to love you when she knows there is another man with characteristics superior to yours. If your wife is a career woman then from today know that someone in her office has a thing with her.

8. She knows her rights

You will never joke with a Kikuyu woman and expect to go scort free. She will pursue you to the darkest corner.

When it comes to Law,she understands it very well.If you make a mistake of giving her a kid,whether it was by accident or not,you must take responsibilities.

9. She prefers being a single parent

Majority, of Kikuyu women love being ‘free’.You will give her three children but eventually leave you without a reason. You remain in pain.

10. She loves beauty

A Kikuyu woman will do everything to look beautiful and perfect. she won’t be scared from bleaching her skin as long as she is considered beautiful.
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