Sabina Joy Nairobi, a Brothel where Sex is Almost Free

Located in the CBD near Ambassadeur bus station, the brothel is home to more than 100 prostitutes and over 10,000 clients per month.

The first time you pass through the building, which also hosts other businesses, you will hardly notice there is any strange activities happening inside. One by one, clients would enter the building, anxious and eager to accomplish their mission. Within 20 minutes to 1 hour, you will spot the clients coming out one by one while smiling.

At Sabina Joy, sex costs Ksh 200 to Ksh1, 000, depending on what style and the duration you wish to spend with the client. What is more amazing about the brothel is that women are not scarce, in a building designed to accommodate 100 people, women occupy three quarter of the space. As you enter the building, you are ushered in by over 20 women, each telling you, “it’s me, mine is sweet….”,it’s upon you to choose whoever catches your eyes first.

It’s in this brothel that majority of men have found home, even the married ones. It’s estimated that each month at least 10 men get infected with HIV in the brothel, but this does not bother any man.

The most shocking part of this story is that some of the women prostituting at Sabina Joy are married. In fact, one of them in an interview last year revealed why she chose to commit herself into the oldest profession: “My salary is not enough, my husband too is a casual worker. I come here to supplement our income and my husband is happy for me”

When the interviewer asked her whether the husband is aware, the woman replied, “I keep it a secret. When I come to town, he knows I have come to work part time but he is not aware I am doing this job. He has never inquired further to know what exactly I do”.

While some of us may be aware of the business, majority of you may be interested to know the owner.Well, Sabina Joy is owned by Mr. Kanyuira,a business mogul from Kangema Constituency, Murang’a County.


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