Cheapest Estates to Live in Nairobi

Cheapest Estates to Live in Nairobi

Below are some of the estates we can recommend for  you to settle in:


This is one estate that  accommodates a huge number of Nairobians ,but we highly encourage you to look for a house there. The estate is very secure; the houses in this estate are relatively cheap and it’s close to Mombasa Road.

One bedroom house in Embakasi goes for Sh 10,000-Sh 15, 000 and a bedsitter goes for Sh 6,500-Sh 10,000.

There are also  several  supermarkets which include Taj Mall,Nakumatt Embakasi,Tuskys and Tumaini supermarket ,and also several  recreation facilities.

One of the disadvantages of living there is the heavy traffic jam on Mombasa road especially for those working in town, but you will be used to it anyway.

Though Embakasi has mostly salty water,it’s supply is not as low as what is experience in estates like Kayole and Langata.

Imara Daima

Imara Daima estate is next to Embakasi and it is one of the most preferred estates for people who earn between Ksh 50,000-Ksh200,000

This estate has modern and old buildings.As a tenant ,you can choose to live where you can afford because house rent in Imara Daima vary depending on the type of building.

One Bedroom here is Ksh 13,000-Ksh 21,000 and a bed sitter goes for Ksh 7,000-Ksh 12,000.A single room costs Ksh 4,000-Ksh 7,000


These estates are neighboring each other and majority of the middle class people live here.One advantage is that there is a police station near the estates, so security is guaranteed.Also, Thika Shopping Mall is situated here.

The estates are also nearest to Thika Super High way which links several roads and with less traffic Jam compared to Mombasa road.

One bedroom house goes for Sh12, 000-Sh.17,000 and a bedsitter goes for between Sh.6,500 to Sh.10,000

Cheapest Estates to Live in Nairobi
Cheapest Estates to Live in Nairobi

Kahawa West

Kahawa west is a bit far from Nairobi City Centre but this  estate is very ideal for anyone who earns an average salary of Sh.50,000.The estate is secure and houses are very  very cheap; one bedroom goes for Sh 7500-Sh 13,000 while a bedsitter goes for Sh 5,000-Sh 9,000


Komarock remains one of the cheapest estates in Nairobi.One bedroom goes for Sh 7,000-Sh.10,000.

Though it’s neighboring Kayole, there are very few incidences of insecurity.It’s also a good estate for people with large families.

Depending on where you live in Langata there are sections which are friendly to low and middle income earners. We can recommend you to look for a house in Otiende where one bedroom goes for Sh 13,000-Sh 17,000

One can also live in Kibera where houses are extremely cheap.When I talk of Kibera I mean the modern Kibera amd not the slums.

This is where the rich used to live when Karen and Runda were not existing but when they relocated many houses were left vacant.The houses are good and they are not so expensive.One bedroom goes for Sh 13,000-Sh 20,000

So many people live here and maybe you will join them.They are good estates especially for bachelors and people and the newly employed youths in Nairobi.One bedroom goes for Sh 8,000-Sh 15,000`while a bedsitter goes for Sh 5,500-Sh 9,000

There are several supermarkets in these estates,among them include,Greenspan Shopping Mall,Naivas,Nakumatt and Tumaini.


Rongai is very far from the city centre and commuting to town is hectic.Though they face this challenges,this small town has good houses whose rent is cheap.

The town has supermarkets,banks and other essential facilities which can prevent your from going to town in search of those services.

One bedroom goes for Sh 7,000-Sh 14,000


Uthiru/Kangemi estates are located in Westland parts of Nairobi,their immediate neighbors are very rich but people who live in Kangemi and Uthiru  are either middle class or low class.

Uthiru is one of the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi;one bedroom goes for between Sh.8,000-Sh.13,000,bed sitter goes  for between Sh 5,000-Sh 8,000.

If you are working in Nairobi CBD then Kangemi will be ideal for you because fare prices favor average Nairobians


Kawangware is highly populated because rent in this estate is not so high.Also,getting food stuffs is very easy because the estate has a considerable number of Kisiis who live there.

One bedroom in Kagwangare goes for between Sh 6,000-Sh.13,000.A single room goes for between Sh.3,000-Sh.6,000.


Kayole is located in Eastlands parts of Nairobi and it’s neighboring Komarock estate.This estate used to be so insecure especially during the time of Mungiki but when the crackdown was effected the estate became very secure.

Houses in kayole are very cheap and you can get a single room at Sh 2,000-Sh 5,000.One bedroom house goes for between Sh 5,000-Sh 11,000

Kariobangi ,Kibera,Mathare,and Dandora are also cheap but I can’t advice you to live there because of security reasons.


Ngong is a very good estate but far from the Nairobi City Centre.Most of the houses in Ngong are very cheap compared to most estates in Nairobi.

One bedroom in Ngong goes for Ksh 7,000-Ksh 13,000 and you can get a bedsitter for Ksh 4,000-Ksh 7,000

Though Ngong is a good estate,it’s very cold and if you are working in Nairobi City Centre you have to wake up at 4 am and arrive in the house at 8 pm.


These estates are close to each other and the rent is almost the same.In Tassia though,there aretwo classes of people living there,the average and the rich.

For the average guys One bedroom Costs Ksh 8,000-Ksh 15,000 and a bedsitter goes for Ksh 6,500-Ksh 10,000

In pipeline a single room goes for Ksh 2,500-Ksh6,000,a bedsitter goes for Ksh.6,500-Ksh.8,000 and one bedroom goes for Ksh 7,000-Ksh 13,000


Utawala is far from city centre and it’s neighboring JKIA.It’s a new estate in Nairobi and the goodness is that the population is low.

Houses in Utawala are very cheap and you can easily get a one bedroom house at Ksh 7,000 and a bedsitter at Ksh 4,500


Mlolongo is situated along Mombasa road and the houses in this estate are not very expensive.

One bedroom goes for Ksh 7,500,000-15,000 while a bedsitter goes for Ksh 5,500-Ksh7,500


Kitengela is a bit far from Nairobi City Centre but it’s one town you can live and never regret again.

A Single room goes for Ksh 2,500-Ksh 5,000,a bedsitter costs Ksh 4,000-Ksh8,000 while one bedroom goes for Ksh 6,000-Ksh 13,000

South C

Though main houses in South C are expensive,there are good extensions you can secure cheaply.

A bedsitter extension is Ksh 7,000-Ksh 15,000 while one bedroom goes for Ksh 13,000-Ksh 25,000

South B

South Bhas very good houses though some are not pocket friendly for those earning less than Ksh 100,000.However,there some houses that are cheap.

A bedsitter in South B goes for Ksh 9,000-Ksh 18,000 while one bedroom goes for Khs 17,000-Ksh 30,000

Nyayo Estate

The houses in Nyayo estate are good for someone with a family.A bedsitter goes for Ksh 8,000-Ksh15,000 and one bedroom goes for Ksh 14,000-Ksh25,000


Juja is some distance from Nairobi City Centre and most people who live there are students who school at JKUAT.

A single room in Juja is Ksh 2,500-Ksh 5,000,a Bedsitter is Ksh 5,000-Ksh 8,000 while one bedroom is Ksh 6,000-Ksh 13,000.

Kahawa Sukari

The estate is one kilometer from Githurai and next to Kenyatta University.If you intend to join KU this is where you’ll look for a house.

A bedsitter goes for Ksh 5,500-Ksh 9,000,a single room goes for Ksh 4,000-Ksh 6,000 while one bedroom goes for Khs 9,000-Ksh 15,000
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